TRANSFORMERS- Diaclones, G1, G2, Exclusives, Reissues, Universe & PVCs





  • STRAFE, Mega Figure on SALE!! See Picture. ***JUST $25*****
  • WARPATH, Classic Generations********JUST $25*********See Picture.
  • SGT KUP, Classic Generations See Picture.********JUST $25*********
  • WHEELJACK, Classic Generations See Picture.******JUST $25*********
  • SCOURGE, Classic Generations See Picture. *******JUST $30*********
  • RODIMUS, Henkei Japanese Edition- gold! See Picture. *******JUST $55*********

Transformers Kabaya Wave 1 Kits We have got the hook up for you on these! Choose from:
G1 Optimus Prime / ConvoyQ-01
Transformers Victory Star Saber
Classics Optimus Prime / Henkei Convoy
Each figure can transform from vehicle to robot and vice versa! Each of these usually sell for $10 or more but you can get them for as little as just $5 each. We are selling these brand new in the bag with decal sheets. No instructions or box. JUST $8 EACH OR $15 FOR ALL 3!

Transformers Gaia Cross Trading Figures. From Kabaya. Japanese edition. Transformers Gaia Cross Trading Figures- Sealed Box of 10 for $40 for box or $5 each!SEE PICTURE

TF Head Robots Cobra Headrobot's first release is called Cobra. It was an unused idea back in the 80's in Japan that Takara never used. Takara did manufacture and sell several Headmasters figures separately in Japan (3 robots, 3 beast Headmaster heads), but Cobra never made it past the drawing board. Cobra is a traditional sized G1 Headmaster head. Instead of a robot mode however he has a beast alternate mode...of a Cobra..actually a bit more of a Cobra tank- totally awesome! Cobra comes packaged in a really nice re-sealable clam shell case. Headrobot even made additional inserts for the clam shell so you could mix it up if you chose to display the figure in the packaging. The default packaging mimmicks the original Japanese G1 Decepticon Headmasters packaging. CHOOSE FROM



TF Head Robots Card Inserts These custom insert cards are reminiscent of the Joustra style Dutch Microman, Diaclone, Microchange packaging, and is a great set of custom artwork that you can interchange with your Cobra Headmaster Head Custom figure packaging! Each set includes 1 Joustra style packaging insert card, and one style Superdeformed packaging insert card. JUST $3 PER SET OF 2 CARDS SEE PICTURE JUST $25


Quintessons from Impossible Toys. Includes super poseable tenticles and light-up action!
Choose from:
Q-01 Quintesson Judge- SOLD OUT-
Q-02 Quintesson Scientist
Q-03 Quintesson Prosecutor
Q-04 Quintesson Executioner
***JUST $30 EACH

Spike & Sparkplug from Impossible Toys. In scale with G1 TFs so they can sit in drivers seats! Includes Figure comes with removable helmets, wrench and stand.
Choose from:

Kremzeak from Impossible Toys. Light-up action!SEE PICTURE SALE JUST $10


NEW! TRANSFORMERS TECH SPEC CARD SERIES Custom made Genation 1 Transformer figures Tech Spec with amazing original artwork! These cards are professionally designed and tailor made in the Gen1 style and colors. The cards are made on a futuristic glossy alloy stock. OR GET BOTH DECKS (153 cards) includes all characters released from 1984 to 1987 FOR JUST $50 GET ALL CARDS IN SLEAVES AND BINDER! SEE PICTURE1 SEE PICTURE2 SEE PICTURE3 SEE PICTURE4 SEE PICTURE5 SEE PICTURE6 $95 FOR ALL CARDS

DECK A includes:
Blaster, Bluestreak, Grapper, Hoist, Hound, Inferno, Ironhide, Jazz, Jetfire, Mirage, Omega Supreme, Optimus Prime, Prowl, Preceptor, Ratchet, Red Alert, Roadbuster, Sideswipe, Skid, Smokescreen, Sunstreaker, Top Spin, Tracks, Trailbreaker, Twin Twist, Wheeljack, Whirl, Dinbots: Grimlock, Slag, Sludge, Snarl, Swoop, Minicars: Beachcomber, Brawn, Bumblebee, Cliffjumper, Cosmos, Gears, Huffer, Powerglide, Seaspray, Warpath, Windcharger, Camshaft, Downshift, Overdrive, Megatron, Shockwave, Astrotrain, Blitzwing, Soundwave, Buzzsaw, Frenzy, Laserbeak, Ravage, Rumble, Reflector: Spectro, Spyglass, Viewfinder, Seekers: Dirge, Ramjet, Skywarp, Starscream, Thundercracker, Thrust, Insecticons: Barrage, Bombshell, Chop Chop, Kickback, Ransack, Shrapnel, Venom, Constructicons: Devastator, Bonecrusher, Hook, Long Haul, Mixmaster, Scapper, Scavenger

DECK B includes:
Alpha Trion, Arcee, Blurr, Broadside, Eject, Hot Rod, Kup, Metroplex, Rodimus Prime, Ramhorn, Rewind, Sandstorm, SkyLynx, Springer, Steeljaw, Wheelie, Wreck-Gar, Ultra Magnus, Minibots: Hubcap, Outback, Pipes, Swerve, Tailgate, Protectobots: Defensor, Blades, First Aid, Groove, Hot Spot, Streetwise, Aerialbots: Superion, Air Raid, Fireflight, Silverbolt, Slingshot, Skydive, Technobots: Computron, Aferburner, Lightspeed, Nosecone, Scattershot, Strafe, Cyclonus, Galvatron, Gnaw, Octane, Ratbat, Runabout, Runamuck, Scourge, Trypticon, Combaticons: Bruticus, Blastoff, Brawl, Onslaught, Swindle, Vortex, Predacons: Predaking, Divebomb, Headstrong, Rampage, Razorclaw, Tantrum, Terrorcons: Abominus, Blot, Cutthroat, Hun-Grrr, Rippersnapper, Sinnertwin, Stunticons: Mensor, Breakdown, Drag Strip, Dead End, Motormaster, Windrider


Amazing !
****Just $95!

IRON HIDE- Encore Series 05
This will be your only chance to own this toy! Somehow it never measured up to the cool character on the show- but here it is anyway!
****Just $35!

RATCHET- Encore Series 06
Basicly the same toy as above- but white. Nothing exciting here.
****Just $35!

SKY LYNX - Encore Series 07
Sky Lynx features a shuttle mode, a bird mode, a lynx mode, and a bizarre robot mode derived from the combining of the bird and lynx components. Features battery operated greatness! If you missed out on this toy growing up- this will be your chance to find true bliss or to rekindle the flame!
****Just $85*** SALE - JUST $65!!

JAZZ - Encore Series 08
Who is the damn coolest Autobot ever with a beat all his own!?! You know who! And the original is still the best!

MINIBOTS - Encore Series 09
Includes Bumblebee with anime face, as well as 4 other figures: Powerglide, Warpath, Cosmos and Huffer. You know you need these guyst!
****Just $30! SOLD OUT

The biggest and the best is back! Omega! Complete with rocket, station, tracks and tank. Electronic components power the tank to complete a circuit of the track with firing action! Incredible walking action in robot mode! Get your Omega Supreme now as he was meant to be enjoyed!
****SOLD OUT! *

Transformers Movie Ricolino Gum
Imported from Mexico comes this rare and tasty item! Ricolino is well know for producing a gum that is so sweet and with so much sugar that it not sold in the U.S. But forget that! This is an official Hasbro license product! And right now you can buy an entire case of 50 individually wrapped pieces in a colorful box! But that's not all- each piece of gum includes a n exclusive foil card with characters from the movie!
****Just $15 for the case!

Transformers Sticky Ball Game
I don't quite know how to describe this one so here's what it says on the package. With special bat you may smack down on ball back and tween another person. Sticky Ball is comprised of 32 Fresh and Soft Natural Sucking Nipples! It is full of joy and can build testes!
****Just $7 each!

Metal Pendents Get a set of metal Autobot and Decepticon insignia pendents to wear around your neck. Come with a hard card stock poster featuring movie Prime and Megatron. JUST $10 FOR SET OF BOTH SEE PICTURE

TF BELT BUCKLE Official licensed Hasbro -Reversable Belt Buckle- Switch between Autobot and Decepticon depending upon your mood!
Just $20 Each! SEE PICTURE

Transformers Monopoly Transformers Monopoly is the first and only game that allows you to buy, sell, and trade the planets, bases, locations, and transports in the race for Energon Cubes and Anti-Matter in order to own and control the Transformers universe! Collectible pewter tokens include: Optimus Prime, Megatron, Bumblebee, Soundwave, Jazz, and Starscream.

TF Transforming Dolls- Slumberbee These are a personal fave! They are soft dolls that are reversible and change between robot and vehicle much like the way the old Popples did! Choose between Slumberbee and Prime-- But Slumberbee is the coolest SOLD OUT SEE PICTURE

G1 Transformers Blister Cards These are mint blister cards. The plastic bubbles were carefully removed from the front. The back of the cards are mint with tech specs, instructions and robot points. Nothing cut out. Very rare to find these in such excellent conddition. Choose from:

Cliffjumper with Mini Spy 1984
Seapsray 1985
Hubcap 1985
Tailgate 1985
Swerve 1985
Outback 1985
Pipes 1985
Bumblebee (red with Mini Spy) 1984

Just $5 Each! SEE PICTURE

New! G1 Transformers Tech Specs These are mint tech specs cut out from G1 Transformer packages. Choose from:

Bluestreak 1984
Beachcomber 1985
Tailgate 1985
Sweve 1985
Bumblebee (red with Mini Spy) 1984
Scrapper 1984

Frenzy 1985
Omega Supreme

Omega Supreme Instruction booklet
Omnibot Overdrive Instruction booklet

Just $2 Each! SEE PICTURE

New! Universe Ramjet Toys R Us Exclusive– ONLY ONE IN STOCK! By far the rarest item in the Universe line. Ramjet comes with FOUR Mini-con figures- Thunderclash, Gunbarrel, Terradive and THUNDERWING himself! Near mint condition, sealed! For you just $65! SEE PICTURE

Sunstorm- TF Universe This is a Transformers Universe collection which includes sunstorm, grindor,sureshock,high wire, and inferno. This was a K-mart exclusive now long gone. SOLD OUT SEE PICTURE

New! Transformers Cybertron Vol. 08 Japanese Exclusive– ONLY ONE IN STOCK! By far these Japanese DVD sets have included the most collectible and highly sought exclusives. Since this item is sealed I can not give exact specifics on what’s inside. The Vol. 08 box set includes an exclusive Transformer item + amazing box art featuring wireframe Optimus Prime (DVD contains episodes 29, 30, 31, 32 in Japanese + bonus features) just $95! SEE PICTURE

New! Pepsi Prime Japanese Takara Exclusive! The 20th anniversary of the G1 'Pepsi Prime' figure. The trailer holds a 20 ounce Pepsi bottle or several Pepsi cans, which are pictured, but not included. A cardboard cutout of the Pepsi bottle is included in the box. (Just one in stock) Just $95! SOLD OUT SEE PICTURE

C-372 Star Convoy This is the long awaited reissue of Star Convoy, the Prime never released in the U.S.- straight from Japan! Includes Hot Rod micromaster! Only ONE in stock! $125 SEE PICTURE



Optimus Prime Sunglasses- loose C9+ condition toy- Complete. Brand new condition. Was sealed but fell off card. Still a rare classic from the 80's! JUST  $10 See picture SOLD OUT

Original G1 Transformers!

 Autobot Hoist MISB- NRFM (that's never removed from box- toy still on bubble and tape still securely in place on outside of box. C8 condition box- 1985 Hasbro. JUST $250 - SOLD OUT See picture.

Insecticon Bombshell MISB- rarest and finest condition C9+ mint, sealed box, never removed $450. See picture.

Insecticon Kickback MISB- C7 mint, sealed on card, box opened $225. See picture.

Soundwave MIB Japanese C8+ 1983 edition with headphones, Rumble, Buzzsaw and cassette cases.Slight wear on box but contents mint. $400. See picture.

Decepticon Scourge D-71 MISB- Sealed C9 Japanese Boxed Transformer. Toy completely mint-never opened, removed, nothing. Very slight box and flap wear. $200 SOLD OUT See picture.

Decepticon Starscream MIB- Mint in box. C9+ toy complete in C8 box. All inserts included(catalog, instructions, decoder strip, mailaway offer). No bubble. Includes decal sheet. Decals applied. Wear on back of flap. Just $150 See picture. See picture2 See picture3.

Decepticon Thundercracker MIB- Mint in box. C9+ toy complete in C8 box. Slight bend on top two corners of flap. All inserts included(catalog, instructions, decoder strip, mailaway offer). Decals applied. No bubble included. Bilingual French Box. Just $100 See picture.

G1 Hot Rod Decal Sheet and Instructions! C9+ mint instruction book and decal sheet with decoder in original bag. Original U.S. release. SEE PICTURE ****Just $7

G1 Rodimus Prime! MIB
First off, This is the Metal Toes and Rubber Wheels Rodimus Prime! So forget the cheap-o version! Rodimus himself is C9. Very tight. Perfect Shape. Includes ALL parts and Instruction book and catalogue. The ONLY missing part are the 2 blast shields. Box is C8- Flap wear and some wear on edges of box. SEE PICTURE
****Just $70

Windcharger MOSC- C9+ condition card- Brand new condition. This is the original G1 Windcharger 1984 release. Mint and sealed. I put it in a protective case to keep it mint. JUST $95 - Unable to location See picture.

Autobot Gears MOC- C8 condition card- Brand new condition. Plastic bubble is a bit crushed from transport. No rub sign. Imported from Brazil.1985 Hasbro. SOLD OUT See picture.

ACTION MASTERS- Very tough to find these guys is such great shape! MOSC figures: See pictures These are likely all SOLD OUT

DevastatorC9+ no wear JUST $30 BlasterC9+ no wear JUST $30 Snarl__C9+_slight wear JUST $30 MainframeC9+ no wear JUST $25 InfernoC9+ slight wear on corner JUST $30 RollOut__C9+_no wear JUST $25 KrokC9+_slight wear on corner JUST $30

God Bomber C-309 MIB Japanese TF -YOU'VE GOT TO SEE THIS TO BELIEVE IT!!! C9 toy. C9 Box- no styrofoam insert. Complete. Original 1988 Japanese toy. Not reissue. This is the very, very hard to find Transformer. Combines with Powermaster Prime to form super robot GodGinrai. Just $70 SOLD OUT See picture.

Transformer Mini Cars

RED BUMBLEBEE MOSC C9+ -$30 Takara/Antex.  See picture.

SOLD OUTYellow Overdrive, Blue Overdrive, Red Bumblebee, Orange Bumblebee, White Cliffjumper, Green Cliffjumper (2 different versions). See picture.

 G2 Jumpstarter- MOC C8+ card

Sealed C8 card and mint toy. Autobot Transformer. Very rare- imported from Argentina. Mint. Very slight crease on card. Small one inch tear Takara/Antex.  JUST $25 See picture. SOLD OUT


G2 Minibots- MOC C10 card

Choose from: Beachcomber or Hubcap - $40 Each. See picture.



C9+ condition toy-Complete. Brand new condition. Decals applied. All inserts included (bilingual instrution book, card) Gun, all missiles. C9- box=Glossy, excellent condition, only slight wear. Price $100 See picture. SOLD OUT



C9+ condition toys- brand new condition. Never removed from card. Choose from: Space Case and Hooligan. Price $25 Each See picture.


-Very rare. These kits build classic Transformer characters.Very detailed and they transform! Snap together. No glue required.Each is 2 inches tall- same size as Micromasters.

SET INCLUDES: Optimus Prime, Prowl, Sideswipe, Starscream. More Info.




Mint in box. Takara 1980, European version by GiGi. This version did not come with the small metal figure. This is a very rare toy with auto-transforming pull back and go action (like Jumpstarters). Transforms from a normal black van into mighty armored attackcar. These toys had a flaw by which they do not fold up by themselves but must be held in car mode. This one has a small peg missing that held the door in place. See picture.***SOLD OUT***



Mint in box with unapplied decal sheet. Takara 1980, European version by GiGi. This version did not come with the small metal figure. This is a very rare toy with auto-transforming pull back and go action (like Jumpstarters). Transforms from normal car into mighty attackcar. These toys had a flaw by which they do not fold up by themselves but must be held in car mode. Still a great toy! See picture.***SOLD OUT*** 



These are fairly rare Pre-Transformers. These are toys by Takara that came out in the U.S. in 1984. They're made in Japan and are a cross between Transformers and Legos. They come with engines and transform from vehicles into robots and into several other modes. These are mint in sealed boxes taken directly from their orginal shipping carton. Two styles avaliable. See picture1. See picture2.




G1 Dinobot Snarl Snarl is in excellent shape and has all his parts- missile launcher with missiles, sword, and gun. Only defect is that one of his dinosaur legs is detachable. Definitely not broken but there is a clear plastic piece that should hold the leg in place but is not there. But leg still stays in place quite well in both robot and dino modes! I combine shipping so buy multiple items at once to save big! See picture1. See picture2. See picture3.YOU PAY JUST $30!

G1 Powermaster Optimus Prime This is an awesome toy! Just includes toy, large prime head, no weapons or Powermaster. YOU PAY JUST $30!

G1 Triple Changer Octane In great shape but missing all parts. Nice tight joints. I combine shipping so buy multiple items and save!d. See picture1. JUST $25

G1 Targetmaster Hot Rod (metal toes) In mint condition, tight joints, 100% complete!! JUST $95 See picture1. See picture2.

G2 Hero Megatron G2 Megatron Hero. The toy itself is mint but it is missing the small hand-held gun and the rubber hose. Includes Megatron and two missiles.!! JUST $25 See picture1.

 Decepticon Hideout


Laserbeak's Fury


Autobot's Lightening Strike


Megatron's Fight For Power


Autobots Fight Back


Transformers The Movie


Loose Transformers 4 Sale at the bottom-CHEAP!

TRANSFORMERS Show Exclusives
Yea! These are now in stock!rust

TRANSFORMERS PRIME: Rust In Peace Terrorcon Cliffjumper 2012 San Diego Comic-con Exclusive Set Cliffjumper as a Zombie monster? Yup! Awesome! Comes in an great package as well! Must have! $60 SEE PICTURE

TRANSFORMERS PRIME: Terrorcon Cliffjumper Japanese Release Yep we have Japanese release MISB, Cliffjumper is PURPLE instead of red in this version and comes with Targetmaster weapon. $45 SEE PICTURE

TRANSFORMERS PRIME: AM-01 Optimus Prime (Arms Micron) Japanese exclusive Japanese release MISB, comes with Targetmaster weapon. $60 SEE PICTURE

TRANSFORMERS PRIME: 1st Edition New York Comic-con Exclusive Set This is the Transformers Prime First Edition Set from the New York Comic-Con 2011. Includes Bumblebee decked out as a New York taxi cab, Arcee recolored in her original pink paint job and Raf Esquivel and Jack Darby sporting NY Autobot t-shirts. Packed with a NY city diorama! Awesome set! $50 SEE PICTURE

TRANSFORMERS PRIME: 1st Edition Optimus Prime sealed in Matrix of Leadership Sold only at Comic-Con 2011 SALE! $40 SEE PICTURE

Piranacon Timelines Club-Exclusive! This is the Transformers Collectors Club Piranacon. Currently complete sets are sold out. There are individual Seacons available for sale! SEE PICTURE1 *SEE PICTURE2*SEE PICTURE3 * SOLD OUT!

Transformers Classic Nemesis Prime! I had to forsake both food and rest. But my sacrifice is to your benefit because here is NEMESIS PRIME! Reep the rewards of my pain! Figure is in hand! And was picked up the first day of the Comic-Con! A must for any collector! You are GUARANTEED the figure! CONDITION: Completely sealed- MINT! Prime is currently SEALED inside Factory box along with three others. Once sold, I will carefully remove item from Hasbro's shipping box. The item has been untouched since it left the factory and is in mint condition as possible!!SEE PICTURE***JUSTSOLD OUT

Starscream SkyStriker Sold only at Comic-Con 2011 SOLD OUTSEE PICTURE

BOTCON 2011 SHATTERED GLASS THUNDERCRACKER AND GALVATRON- Sealed bag, mint. Sold out at the show! 3 in stock! Just $139 See picture1 See picture2 See picture3

BOTCON 2011 FISITTRON - Sealed in bag. Attendee exclusive- Only 1 per person! 1 in stock. Price $85See picture

BotCon 2011 Sideswipe and Toxitron - C9+ sealed in bag. BotCon exclusive- For attendees only. Only 1 in stock. Price $159 See picture1 See picture2

SDCC 2010 BLASTER Reissue - C9+ sealed in box and protective case. San Diego Comic-Con exclusive Price $125 See picture1 See picture2

SDCC ALTERNATOR RODIMUS - C9+ condition box, sealed. Amazing Figure. It sold out at the show instantly! Sold out at Hasbro Toy Shop! SOLD OUTSee picture

SDCC TITANIUM MEASOR - C7+ condition box, sealed. SDCC Titanium Menasor - Die-Cast 6" Figure. SOLD OUTSee picture

SPRINGER 2007 BotCon - C9+ sealed in bag. BotCon exclusive- For attendees only. Only 1 in stock. SOLD OUT See picture

THRUST 2007 BotCon - C9+ sealed in bag. BotCon exclusive- Only 1 in stock. Price $150 See picture

THUNDERCRACKER 2007 BotCon - C9+ sealed in bag. BotCon exclusive- Only 1 in stock. Price $200 See picture

BUGBITE 2007 BotCon - C9+ sealed in bag. BotCon exclusive- Only 1 in stock. Price $150 See picture

OTFCC 2003 Shadow Striker/Roulette 2 Pack- C9+ toy. Straight from the Chicago convention to you. Awesome redeco and retooled female Autobot and Decepticon. Price $100 See picture1. See picture2. See picture3.

OTFCC 2003 Autobot Sideswipe - C9+ toy. Straight from the Chicago convention to you. Awesome convention exclusive. Price $60 See picture1.

2004 Transformer Awards DVD - Straight from the Hollywood convention! Amazing footage! JUST $15

1994 FIRST BOTCON Comic Book Exclusive - Very rare item! LImited print! Get it signed by Dahveed- the artist/writer or get it unsigned! JUST $10 See picture1.

TRANSFORMERS MACHINE WARS!!!- Very rare items! These were ONLY sold at KayBee Toy Stores back when that chain was in business. THE FOLLOWING ARE ALL SOLD OUT


MP-05 Masterpiece Megatron!

The original Japanese Megatron Walther P-38 was a pellet shooting terror. Popularized on the show "The Man from U.N.C.L.E." The Transformer Megatron was originally created by Takara Toys based on the Walther P38 version of the U.N.C.L.E. Special. As part of the New Microman: Micro Change toyline, this weapon came in a styrofoam insert covered in packaging to make it resemble a briefcase and shot off a barrage of "non-deadly" pellets. Unfortunately Hasbro decided to strip the original Megatron of its might in 1984 and thus the firing mechanism and pellets were removed. Fortunately the Masterpiece Megatron will have no such flaw. MP5 Masterpiece Megatron *****SOLD OUT*******

Kiss Players - Autorooper & Atari PVC

So what do scantily clad underage girls and giant robots have in common!?! Not much...till now!
This set features a PVC figure of the girl Atari, along with a Transformer Micron figure. A CD and some form of poster or artwork is also included. Just one in stock! STRAIGHT FROM JAPAN! MINT IN BOX ******SALE! JUST $40********

New! EHobby Exclusive D-62-S GALVATRON II
This version bears a similar grey color scheme to the original toy. (Just 1 in stock) JUST $90 SOLD OUT

Japanese Takara Exclusive! The Galvatron reissue comes with a purple color scheme to match the G1 cartoon. A 'Matrix' necklace is also included. Galvatron requires 2 AA batteries (not included) for the light and sound functions. (Just 3 in stock) JUST $75 SOLD OUT


New! Takara Toy Line minis In celebration of their many years of kicking toys, Takara has released this set of minis- from 1967 to 2004. To celebrate the year 1985 included is a miniture version of the 1985 Convoy/Optimus Prime! MIB! Now these boxes are sealed so we don't know which one is which. ***JUST $10 each*** See picture 1. See picture 2

BRAND NEW -Sealed. These is an Amazing new collectors line of Transformer figures just off the boat. ALL OF THESE ARE SOLD OUT - SO DON'T ASK!!!
RM1 Optimus Prime (2) (smaller version of Masterpiece) $30
RM2 Megatron (1) (smaller version of T-Rex BW Megatron) $30
RM3 Rijie (1) $20
RM4 Wrecker Hook (1)$20
RM5 R-Blade (1) $15
RM6 Air Hunter (1) $20
RM7 Bound Rogue (1) $20
RM8 Wingstun (1) $20
RM9 Psycho Orb (1) $15
RM10 Metalic Prime with DVD (0)$35
RM11 Beast Convoy (0) $20
RM12 Starscream $25 (1)
RM13 Smoke Snipper (0) $25
RM14 Gigant Bomb(0) $35


Book Series Japanese Reissue Transformers!

Blaster MISB Japanese Reissue- C9+ toy in C9+ Box. Includes Steeljaw cassette. Window box with retrospective book. SOLD OUTSee picture.

Inferno MISB Japanese Reissue- C9+ toy in C9+ Box. Window box with retrospective book. $50 See picture.

Smokescreen MISB Japanese Reissue- C9+ toy in C9+ Box. Window box with retrospective book. $60 SOLD OUT See picture.

Jazz MISB Japanese Reissue- C9+ toy in C9+ Box. Window box with retrospective book. Signed by Jim Lee $75 See picture.

Prowl MISB Japanese Reissue- C9+ toy in C9+ Box. Window box with retrospective book. $35 See picture. SSOLD OUT

Skids MISB Japanese Reissue- C9+ toy in C9+ Box. Window box with retrospective book. $35 See picture.SOLD OUT

Tracks MISB Japanese Reissue- C9+ toy in C9+ Box. Window box with retrospective book. $35 See picture.SOLD OUT

Megatron MISB Japanese TF Reissue- C9+ toy. The original gun Megatron- what more can I say? Plus all the extras! SOLD OUTSee picture.

Stepper MISB Japanese Reissue- C9+ toy in C9+ Box. Window box with retrospective book.SOLD OUTSee picture.

Silverstreak MISB EHobby Japanese Collector's Edition- C9+ The E-Hobby exclusive silver chrome version of Bluestreak. SOLD OUT See picture.

Red Alert C-05 MISB EHobby Japanese Collector's Edition- C9+ This is the E-Hobby exclusive. This is the very, very limited edition reissue of Red Alert. Price $90 See

GodGinrai C-310 MISB Japanese TF Reissue- C9+ toy. This is the very, very cool toy. SOLD OUT See picture.

Skywarp MIB EHobby Edition C9+ This is a very, very limited edition reissue of the original Japanese Skywarp. $120.


Sunstorm- Heroes of Cybertron The first appearance of Sunstorm in toy form! Exclusive PVC. 2004 Preregistration incentive figure. MOSC SOLD OUTSEE PICTURE

Transformer Generation One PVCs

We have in stock all of these great PVC figures produced by Takara. Currently in stock we have Act 2, Act 3, Act 4, Act 5 and Act 6. We will trade any figures listed for figures from Act 1 or chase figures. Afterall these are trading figures. The figures are packed in boxes so it is impossible to know which figure is inside. To simplifiy the collecting process we have opened all the packages so that you will know exactly which figure you will be getting. Otherwise these figures are mint.

Buy 12 figures and get the carton included for free!


ACT 2- Figures come in both painted and clear versions. This is a list of all figures followed by a list of what is currently in stock with prices.. Rodimus Prime, Grimlock, Galvatron, Powermaster Optimus Prime, Minerva, Optimus Prime (truck mode).

Rodimus Prime (clear version) $8 See picture.
Powermaster Prime (clear version) $10

Powermaster Prime (color, missing 1 fist) $5

ACT 3- Figures come in both painted and clear versions. This is a list of all figures followed by a list of what is currently in stock with prices.. Chrome Dome, Sixshot, Raiden, Ironhide, Bumblebee & Buster, Soundwave Rare Chase Figure Battle Damage Prime See picture.

Raiden (clear) $5 (color) $8 See pic
Soundwave (clear version) $10
See picture.
Chromedome (color) $8

Sixshot (clear version) $8
See picture
Ironhide (clear) $8 see picture

ACT 4- Figures come in both painted and metalic versions. Please specifiy which you want. This is a list of all figures followed by a list of what is currently in stock with prices.. Optimus Prime w/ Comlink, Megatron w/ Lazerbeak, Thundercracker, Rodimus Prime w/ the Matrix, Ultra Magnus, Arcee w/ Daniel Chase Figure Metroplex (painted or clear) See picture.

Prime with comlink (color) $8
Magnus Diaclone (metal) $10
See picture.
Arcee with Daniel (metal x2) $10

Rodimus with Matrix (metal) $8

Thundercracker (metal) $8

ACT 5- Figures come in both painted and clear plastic versions. Please specifiy which you want. This is a list of all figures followed by a list of what is currently in stock with prices.. Powermaster Prime, Metalhawk w/ girl, Goshooter, Overlord, Omega Supreme, Devastator Rare Chase Figure Black Zarak (painted or dark) $50 See picture.

Metalhawk (color, metal x3) $8
GoShooter (color) $10, (metal) $5

Omega Supreme (metal x2) $10
(color) $15
Devastator (color) $25
See picture.
Powermaster Prime (metal) $8

ACT 6- Figures come in both painted and metalic versions. Please specifiy which you want. This is a list of all figures followed by a list of what is currently in stock with prices.. Hot Rod w/ telescopic goggles, Optimus Prime w/ Megatron gun, Ratchet, Dirge, Thrust, Soundblaster

Chase Figure Grand Maximus $40 See picture.Ratchet (metal x2) $6
Thrust (metal) $6
(color) $15
Prime (metal) $10

Sealed Box of Act 6 with 12 figures- Guarenteed to have Grand Maximus Chase Figure JUST $75

ACT 7- Figures come in both painted and metalic versions. Please specifiy which you want. This is a list of all figures followed by a list of what is currently in stock with prices.. Metalic are $5 each. Painted $10 each. Perceptor, Wheel Jack, Deathsaurus (Deszarasuthinger), Star Saber, LioCaesar and RoadCaesar Rare Chase Victory Saber $20

ACT 8- Figures come in both painted and metalic versions. Please specifiy which you want. This is a list of all figures followed by a list of what is currently in stock with prices..Jazz, Alpha Trion, Cyclonus, Star Convoy, Diatlas, Cerebros Rare Chase Figure Scorponok $25

Jazz (metal x2) $7
Alpha Trion (metal) $10

Cyclonus (metal x4) $5

Diatlas (metal) $8

Cerebros (metal) $5

K-T Transformers Diorama Collection!! We're talking some amazing collector figures here! Each diorama is around 4 inches tall and comes with a collector card with Dreamwave artwork and a picture of the diorama. We've opened each box so you know who you're getting. But the inside bags remain sealed. SEE PICTURE Choose from-

Rumble (blue) shaking up the ground $6

Frenzy (black )shaking up the ground (only one per case) $10

Devastator with Hot Rod and Arcee as he breaks into Autobot City $6

Optimus Prime bust with a chest that can be opened to reveal the matrix $6

Tai bathing with shark as RID Prime spies on her. $10

Get a sealed box (12 figures) that contains 1 complete set and some duplicates for just $70!



From Japan!

 Transformer Music CDs Japanese Choose from Cyber Music (20 tracks) or Hyper Music (33 tracks). These are original CDs made by Columbia and licensed by Nippon Columbia. Japanese exclusive and hard to find. $35 each. Oops- sold out. We can send you mp3 or wav files of tracks from album. See picture.

Transformers Titanium Thrust Target Exclusive Rare! Only one! JUST $25 SEE PICTURE

Revoltech Transformers Series Rodimus Convoy-Hot Rodimus SEE PICTURE $27Starscream -Revoltech-supreme SEE PICTURE $35Megatron (Transformers) No. 025 (5) SEE PICTURE$40

See ANIME PAGE for more Revoltech figures!

Music Label - Soundwave MP3 Player Exclusive f rom Japan!
The new Soundwave MP3 player features an original character mold and fully functional integrated digital music player! Includes mini ear phones and weapons. Soundwave is available in two colors, the Spark Blue traditional blue color scheme and also an all white color scheme in honor of the iPod. Soundwave's cassette door opens to reveal a Mini SD card reader (Mini SD card is not included). Batteries are requierd, but not included. This figure to be slightly smaller than the G1 Soundwave so it can fit comfortably in your pocket. The edges are slightly rounded and it has a smooth look overall in player mode.
Sonic White (only 1 in stock) $95
Spark Blue (only 3 in stock) $95

Music Label - Frenzy & Rumble Earphone Speakers
Exclusive f rom Japan- Takara!
These functioning earphones work nicely with the Soundwave MP3 player, or with any other personal music device. They have soft foam earpieces, and a handy piece that holds them comfortably to your head. The cord pulls and retracts into a spring-powered cord winder with a decepticon logo button.

Spark Blue SOLD OUT $40

Optimus Prime iPod Docking Bay with Speakers
Exclusive f rom Japan- Takara!
Convoy is presented in an entirely white iPod color scheme and fully functional iPod Docking Bay with Speakers. This product is fully licensed by Apple. The trailer holds two speakers and all standard size iPods will mount in the center of the trailer to play your favorite tunes (iPod not included of course).