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TF Head Robots Cobra Headrobot's first release is called Cobra. It was an unused idea back in the 80's in Japan that Takara never used. Takara did manufacture and sell several Headmasters figures separately in Japan (3 robots, 3 beast Headmaster heads), but Cobra never made it past the drawing board. Cobra is a traditional sized G1 Headmaster head. Instead of a robot mode however he has a beast alternate mode...of a Cobra..actually a bit more of a Cobra tank- totally awesome! Cobra comes packaged in a really nice re-sealable clam shell case. Headrobot even made additional inserts for the clam shell so you could mix it up if you chose to display the figure in the packaging. The default packaging mimmicks the original Japanese G1 Decepticon Headmasters packaging. CHOOSE FROM



TF Head Robots Card Inserts These custom insert cards are reminiscent of the Joustra style Dutch Microman, Diaclone, Microchange packaging, and is a great set of custom artwork that you can interchange with your Cobra Headmaster Head Custom figure packaging! Each set includes 1 Joustra style packaging insert card, and one style Superdeformed packaging insert card. JUST $3 PER SET OF 2 CARDS <>SEE PICTURE JUST $25

Energon Optimus Prime bootleg Rare!
Powerlinx Awesomeness! Full Size! Huge! Only one! JUST $30

Galaxy Megatron in Optimus Prime colors bootleg Rare!
Powerlinx Awesomeness! Full Size! Huge! Only one! JUST $40

Nike Transformers Sports Line Rare!
Finally! Properly packaged! We have a shoe box with TWO fully transformable shoes (TWO) and special cloth carrying case inside! CHOOSE FROM:
*Optimus Prime!
**Ultra Magnus

Distortion Series TF Movie & Animated Figures Rare! Unreleased movie figures! Each includes Bonus Micromaster Transformer! Choose from:
**Bumblee Bee - giant size
**Movie prime cybertron mode in g1 prime colors -giant 7 inch!
**Megatron Animated cybertron mode Only one! JUST $10 EACH

Transformers Animated Bootleg Series Amazing Deal! Good quality! Choose from:
**Bumblee Bee
**Cybertron Mode Optimus Prime!
**Shroad Mask Prowl JUST $10 EACH OR ALL THREE FOR $25

TF Movie Sunglasses Amazing Designs! 100% UVA & UVB Protection to make you look as cool as a TF! Hasbro licensed product comes in 5 amazing styles: White and Green, Decepticon Black, Metalic purple and Green with TF insignia, Red on Clear Frames and Metalic Gold and Black Decepticon Insignia on Lens. Retail is $8 each. BUT FOR YOU JUST $5 EACH <>SEE PICTURE

TF Movie 2 the Fallen Target Exclusive Korean Exclusive! Choose from two styles
JUST $25

TF Movie 2 Toys R US Transforming Giftcard This card held untold riches and could only be optained by making a sizeable purchase at Toys R Us right when the movie came out. Rather than use the card I kept it as the treasure it is! Motion card features Bumblebee converting from robot to Vehicle mode as well as Autobot Insignia. JUST $5 <>SEE PICTURE

TF Movie 2 Tin Pencil Cases Korean Exclusive! Choose from two styles
JUST $10 Each

TF Movie 2 Crunchy Candy 15 packs of amazing crunchy candies. Distributed by Au'some Inc.

Transformers 2 Movie Premiere Popcorn Bucket Only the lucky few who were at the Los Angeles Red Carepet Premiere of Transformers Revenge of the Fallen in Westwood Village on June 22, 2009 could claim this prize. After Megan Fox, Michael Bay and the other stars of the movie took their seats, these popcorn buckets were released to the moviegoers. Although the popcorn contained in these buckets is long gone this very rare bucket can be yours!
JUST $20

TF Movie 2 Plastic Ware From Zak Designs comes a large assortment of licensed Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Products. Choose from 18 oz Pull Bottle, Round PP Plate, Sandwich Box, Snack Container and 16 oz Water Jug.
JUST $5 Each or a quantity of 10 for $30

Transformers Movie 2 GIANT 52" Kite by SkyDelta52 comes a dominating fiberglass airframe quickclip kite. Need a little something extra to impress the ladies? This kite is guarenteed to get you some serious action! SALE! JUST $10 <>SEE PICTURE

Transformers Movie 2 sticker sets Korean exclusive official licensed product! SALE! JUST $3 per set or $12 for ALL SIX SETS! <>SEE PICTURE

Transformers Movie 2 draw string cloth bags These are nice 15" tall bags featuring stunning art from the movie Choose from black or blue! SALE! JUST $10 for BOTH! <>SEE PICTURE

Transformers Movie 2 Cologne Need a little something extra to impress the ladies? Now you can smell just like your favorite Transformer with Transformers Cologne for Men! Designer Marmol & Son products for Men have teamed up with Hasbro to offer authentic name brand Transformers Cologne will give you the confidence real Transformers fans need. Produced for 'Revenge of the Fallen' this limited edition cologne will get you some serious action! SALE! JUST $20 Per Bottle <>SEE PICTURE

Transformers Titanium Thrust Target Exclusive Rare! Unreleased movie figures! Each includes Bonus Micromaster Transformer! Choose from:
**Bumblee Bee - giant size
**Movie prime cybertron mode in g1 prime colors -giant 7 inch!
**Megatron Animated cybertron mode Only one! JUST $25

TF Movie 2 DEVASTATOR -smaller Bootleg version of movie devastator is slightly smaller than the real one but still a huge monstrosity with lights and sounds. Not to be taken lightly but can be taken for far less money than the real one!
JUST $35

TF Movie 2 WASP A very rare Movie version of unproduced Transformers Animated character Wasp. Very rare! Only one in stock!
JUST $20

Transformers Robotmaster Redux- the changeable robot Quality remakes of the originals RobotMasters line. Choose from:
RM27 UltraMagnus
RM28 Thrustjet

RM29 Megatron Tank Jungle Camo

***JUST $10 EACH OR ALL 3 FOR $25**

Transformers Electronic Robotmaster Series A very exciting new series of bootlegs- very high quality and now with additional electronic features! Seem larger than originals.Choose from:
RM01 Optimus Prime -WITH TRAILER! (2)<>SEE PICTURE
RM03 Rigie (MIrage) Double GIANT SIZE (1)
RM04 Wrecker Hook (1)

RM05 R-Blade (1)
RM06 Air Hunter -blue recolor (1)
RM08 Wing Stun -brilliant red recolor (1)
RM12 Starscream - slight redeco (2)
RMXX X-Ganoash - metalic gold silver ship (2)
***JUST $12 EACH OR ALL 8 FOR $80 **

Transformers Animated Mini SD Figures Mini SD Transformers Animated figures with a ball keychain. Hang your favorite character off cell phones, use as zipper pulls, etc. There are 6 characters in this set. We are selling these as a set for $18<>SEE PICTURE

Transformers Animated Leader Class: Ultra Magnus This is by far one of the greatest toys ever-and did I mention he comes with the Magnus Hammer!?! Ultra Magnus Elite Commander. ULTRA MAGNUS is the most powerful AUTOBOT warrior in the galaxy. He has trained for hundreds of years in all forms of fighting known on CYBERTRON, and several other planets. Electronic lights, sounds and speech!* Expression changes when he talks.* Flip up heavy cannons.* Hidden weapons.* Spring-loaded expanding mass-hammer.Requires 2 AA batteries (included)2009 Hasbro/Takara. Only one in stock! JUST $40 Each <>SEE PICTURE

Transformers Animated Leader Class: Bulkhead This is definitely one of the coolest of the Animated line. Not only for Bulkhead but check out the Headmaster Unit! When plugged onto Bulkhead over his head, the Headmaster unit will unlock another effect- the chest & shoulder lights will switch from the normal yellow to red, and you will hear Masterson’s voice (series’ actor Alexander Polinsky ) say•“Ownage! Total ownage!” Now that's pretty sweet! SALE JUST $35 <>SEE PICTURE


Transformers Animated: Arcee This toy has been a long time coming! It is the first time an Arcee toy has been made where she is an original, transformable, Cybertronian/futuristic car (not a motorcycle or Earth vehicle) and uses a color scheme influenced by her pink and white G1 counterpart. This figure was released alongside Cybertron Ratchet as Toys R Us exclusives, selling out everywhere she appeared in a matter of days and now impossible to find! SALE JUST $30 <>SEE PICTURE

Transformers Animated: Cybertron Ratchet Ahh! The younger, less grumpy Ratchet back in his Cybertron Mode, a figure based on the character's appearance in several "flashback" episodes including "The Thrill of the Hunt". This is a completely new sculpt, not a retool or redeco of the previous Ratchet figure. While it was originally intended to be a mass release, this figure wound up being a 2010 Toys R Us exclusive. But now impossible to find! SALE JUST $30 <>SEE PICTURE

Transformers Cybertron Supreme Class Starscream Recolor This is a very nice bootleg of Starscream supreme class. Includes crown and accessories and even has a more authentic paint job to the original Starscream- grey instead of red. A very slightly different size than original. JUST $25 <>SEE PICTURE

NEW!! Vinylmations Mickey Mouse 3" Cast Exclusives> Disney Theme Park Merchandise
Vinylmations were first released at the end of 2008. The whimsical characters are original vinyl collectibles that stand 3 inches and 9 inches tall. The base of the creation is a Mickey Mouse body which gets painted over with various designs. These products are typically sold in blind packaging, with no guarantee of which animated figure you will receive. The 3" Vinylmations are displayed in trays which contain 24 figures. Within the tray is one fully complete set which includes a mystery chaser while the other 12 figures consist of 11 different characters and one repeat.

But much more difficult to get are the "Cast Exclusives" available only to Disney employees sold in exclusive tins. Currently there are two released:

#1 Mickey Mouse with an old time face with cut out pupils in his eyes, while wearing his colorful wardrobe. This one is long since sold out at all Disney stores <> SEE PICTURE** Just $20!!**

#2 Mickey Mouse repainted as a Guest Relations Cast Member<> SEE PICTURE - <>SEE PICTURE 2** Just $20!!**

Amazing New Find! Sailor Moon Sailor Mercury Dress-Up just $15 Bandai! SEE PICTURE

Amazing New Find! Sailor Moon 24" Embossed PVC Wall Signs These are very rare Sailor Moon Clear Embossed Wall Signs- Very much like giant animation cells. PVC clear plastic. Three variations available. $15 EACH OR TWO FOR $25 1994 Star Hearts- Korean Release. Choose from Three Designs SEE PICTURE1 SEE PICTURE2 SEE PICTURE3

Book Special of the Week! Shonen Jump Manga digests -normally $8, now just $3 EACH! Now in stock we have Rurouni Kenshi Volumes 16, 18, 23, 25, and 28. Freak Vol 1 and more coming soon! SEE PICTURE

Bleach dolls 2005 banpresto
Only one! JUST $7 EACH

Super Mario Cloth Suit Action Figure Mario cloth doll PVC body 10" tall http://zima.jp/murasaki
Only one! JUST $35

DAIGUNDER SERIES- 2002 takara /sonokong- CHOOSE FROM:
---Daigunder r-01. Transforms from robot to lion. Plugs into tv to play exclusive video game with controller. $30
---Daigunder R-02. Transforms from Dino to Robot. Plugs into tv to play exclusive video game with controller. $30
---Daigunder Dragoburst DX Transforms from Dino to Robot. Plugs into tv to play exclusive video game with controller.NEW!! DAIGUNDER Dragoburst (DX) Takara 2002
Huge Amazing robot transformers to winged dragon with motorized walking action. Sonokong Korea. 6 inches to 8 inches tall.
<>SEE PICTURE *** Just $50!!****

Pecola Action Toy An amazing battery operated bump and go toy- beautifully colored. 5" tall and about as wide. Pecola the cube shaped penguin from the hit international animated TV series. Produced 1998 by Milky Cartoon exclusive through Toy Hell! Only one! JUST $20 <>SEE PICTURE

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Thunder Bike with 5" Action Figure Bandai 1994 original release. Choose from Yellow Ranger, Pink Ranger and Black Ranger. JUST $20 Each <>SEE PICTURE

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 5" Action Figures Bandai 1994 original release. Choose from Auto Morphin Trini, Auto Morphin Billy <>SEE PICTURE and Knasty Knight<> SEE PICTURE Only one of each in stock! JUST $12 Each

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Deluxe 8" Evil Space Aliens Original release Power Rangers items, 1993 Bandai, 8 inch tall boxed figures. Choose from Goldar and Lord Zedd $15 Each ! <>SEE PICTURE

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Deluxe 8" Karate Ranger Trini Original release Power Rangers items, 1993 Bandai, 8 inch tall boxed figures. $20 Each ! <>SEE PICTURE

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers for Girls- Fashion Doll Trini Original release Power Rangers items, 1994 Bandai, 9 inch tall boxed figure with both Power Ranger outfit and a school outfit. JUST $15 ! <>SEE PICTURE

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Trading Cards & Power Caps Original release Power Rangers items, 1995 Collect-A-Card Packs. Each Pack includes 12 premium trading cards, 4 super foil power caps and 1 power blaster insert card! Get each pack for just $2 Each Or buy the entire sealed box with 24 packs for just $40 ! <>SEE PICTURE

Cyborg Kuro-chan Battleborg No.04 Kuro is an ordinary cat but one day he is kidnapped by Doctor Go, an evil scientist, who turns him into a robot to help him take over the world. Kuro somehow removes the chip that controls him and escapes from the evil scientist to continue living as a pet. This toy is Kuro's Battle Borg. Includes a remote control. Produced by Tomy, 1999. Only one! JUST $25 <>SEE PICTURE

Puffy Key Chain Series Girl Group Puffy created by Rodney Alan Greenblat is tremendously popular both in the U.S. and Japan. He is also known for the characters he created for Sony Playstation for the game Parappa The Rapper. These keychain sets include two pieces. Choose from: Girls Dancing or Girls on Bikes. These sell typically for $20 each but get them for JUST $10 FOR ONE SET OR $15 FOR BOTH SETS <>SEE PICTURE

Fantastic Four Reed Richards Toy Biz 1994. The original Rubber Man! Mint on Sealed Card! Only one! JUST $10 <>SEE PICTURE

SD Gundam Action Figures This was Bandai's very limited release five years ago. MOSC Figures. Choose from: Bakunetsumaru, Captain Gundam or Zako Solider. Only one of each in stock! JUST $15 Each <>SEE PICTURE

>New! Buffy the Vampire Slayer Limited Edition Collector Series, Diamond Select produced 1999, RARE DOLL Only one of these in stock! ONLY ONE! Fully Posable Action Figure! &7 inch tall doll with combable hair cross, necklace and stake. JUST $30